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Any brainteasers and games are good for people with physical limitations.

mozg__561People with cerebral palsy and other physical limitations unfortunately have difficulties with development of memory, logic and mathematic abilities. Our brain can develop for the whole life and that is why it is necessary to train it constantly. Unfortunately, brains of people with physical limitations lag in development, although it is not true for everybody. Development of an individual depends on the family of the individual. The most common way to develop brain is to solve puzzles and play logic games, like chess. There are other ways to develop human brain.

Your brain is the most powerful tool to discovery of the world. It is granted by the universe, or by the god, whatever. If you use this tool unwisely, it abuses the creator. Think of it… Brain is our asset. If you take care of it, it will grant you all the goodness of the world. Hope I have motivated you. If yes, the question arises: how to coach the brain?

Perfection is unlimited, as it is known. Today, everybody who is not too lazy study development of his feelings, consciousness and processes in the body. Some need good memory, others develop their thinking skills. Few think about the necessity to develop brain. It is the activity of brain that regulates the processes in the body.

Nobody can tell how well the brain is developed. Humanity struggles with this question for decades. Some people can memorize a lot of information; others possess high speed of thinking. But how to distinguish what percentage of brain is functioning? We only know that this digit ranges from 3 to 18 per cent. Despite the fact, people can define which half of the brain is more developed, and learn about their activity at a definite moment.

How to develop the brain halves?

We can define the main half of the brain by different means:
·  Cross your arms across your chest and see which shoulder is on top. The one on top defines the better developed half;
·  Wring your fingers and look at the thumb that is on top.

Because the majority of people are right-handed, many people probably asked the question how to develop the left half? To begin with, the left half is responsible for languages and logic. It takes over speech, ability to read and write, and also remember dates and names. Besides, the left half controls the right side of the body, analytical thinking, processing information and mathematic skills. It is possible to develop the left half by adding loads to the right side. There can be physical or muscle-strengthening exercises. The second way is to solve logical and mathematic problems. The more problems you solve, the faster you develop the left half. 

If you are left-handed, to develop your left half, try to do more with your right arm and use the right side of the body as often as possible. Besides, left-handed don’t have to worry how to develop their right half because it is naturally developed. The right half is responsible for intuition and is never considered the dominating. It also performs such functions as orientation, musical abilities, processing of non-verbal information (symbols and images), and also is responsible for imagination, emotions, dreams and it controls the left side of the body. The easiest ways to develop the right half is to participate in social activity in which all the functions of thinking block are engaged. Such activities are singing, writing poems, drawing and others. 

For those who badly lack time to develop both halves separately, there is a way to develop both halves. To do the exercise, sit straight nad close the eyes, breathe evenly. Imagine your brain and its both halves. In your imagination, try to establish connection with the brain, alternatively rolling the left eye to the left half and the right eye to the right half. Then look into the center of the brain with both eyes. Hold your breath for a while, and with each exhale direct the stream of your consciousness alternatively to the left and to the right half. They you have to imagine that logical thinking is on the left, and dream and intuition are on the right. Imagine a number on your left with an exhale, and a digit on the right with an exhale. Thus, on the left we get numbers 1, 2, 3… and on the right we have letters A, B, C… These digital-alphabetic combinations should be continued until you feel tired. Later, numbers and letters could be changed into words, for example, white-black, morning-evening.  

How to develop the brain abilities?

Knowing how to develop brain, don’t forget about its abilities. You might ask, “How to develop the abilities of the brain?” In fact, there is nothing easier. Do the common things not with your main hand; blindfold your eyes and try to do common housework. Studying a new language is a good exercise, and also crosswords and puzzles. To develop brain abilities, it is also important to eat right and exercise.  

Brain-developing books wouldn’t hurt. There is no separate series for brain as such. However, among the recommended literature, there are following: “How to get everything you want practically doing nothing or Celestial 911” by Robert Stone, “Development of the right half” by Marily Zdenek, “Teach your brain to work” by Mathew MacDonald, “Unblock your brain and start living” by Stanislav Muller, “Teach yourself to think” by Tony Buisen. Don’t forget about developing books with wit sharpeners which are numerous on the bookstands.

And finally, after a busy working day, your perfect ally is brain developing music. The easiest and most efficient way to relax with brain advantage is to listen to classical baroque music or works of Bach, Gendel and Vivaldi. Scientists have proved that the works of these composer positively affect attention, concentration, spatial thinking and analytical brain abilities. It is still unknown why classical music has such an influence on development of brain abilities.

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The puzzle is bee.



The picture Fur-seal is the puzzle for people with CP and other disabilities.


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Puzzle frigate-bird

The puzzle Frigate-bird is for people with Cerebral Palsy and other people.


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A little bird is a puzzel or game for people with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. 


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The puzzle big pangolin is the game for people with CP and other disabilities.  

Big pangolin

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monkey_120A puzzle Monkey is the game for people with Cerebral Palsy (CP) and people with other disabilities. 

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