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12_220Everybody has his or her moral laws. Psychology is a science that studies behavior and processes in the consciousness of people and animals. “The most difficult thing in life is to understand myself,” said Tazl. Psychology as a science has specific qualities that differentiate it from other sciences. Psychology as a system of life occurrences is known to everybody. It appears as a set of sensations, images, ideas and much more. In the scientific sense, the word “psychology” appeared in the sixteenth century. Originally, it was related to the science that studied psychic and mental phenomena. Later, in the sixteenth – nineteenth centuries, the scope of its research expanded to include unconscious human activities. Since the nineteenth century, psychology becomes an independent and experimental area of scientific knowledge.

Currently, psychology is a highly developed system of sciences. It stands out a lot of industries, which constitute relatively self-developing venues of scientific research. The system of psychology continues to develop rapidly (every 4-5 years a new direction appears), and therefore it is more safe to speak about a set of developing psychological sciences rather than about a science of psychology. These sciences can be divided into basic and applied, general and specific.

In psychology, there is an informal theory. This theory states that nothing happens without a reason. All children are born to certain parents and for a particular purpose. As they state, the God has thought out everything, and everything comes in its time. All the people, events, situations do not occur just like that, but with a definite purpose. Each disease is allowed by God, it is given to a sick person to develop our identity in the lifetime. In addition, people who surround us can change with us.

Most people who have physical limitations adopt the mental approach to abstract from the world because they have a disease. They do not want to act, but they allow somebody to act for them. However, I know lots of examples when people with physical limitations understood themselves, overcame the disease and became a full-fledged members of the community. This section of psychology will help you to look into yourself with a fresh eye and change the way you see the world.

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How, I am thinking about the sense of guilt. This is important and especially scary for people with disabilities. Why?

Your success is the order in the head.

success_195Usually, people with disabilities can not immediately succeed anywhere. Only a few such people succeed. Usually, they sit around and feel sick at home. In order to achieve something, you need to understand what goals a person puts. To begin with, to success is to put everything in a right order. All movement to success starts in our heads and brains. I want to share my experience on this topic. I will be very happy if someone will help you out on the road to success.

How to gain confidence in yourself?

Many people with disabilities have a lack of confidence or an inferiority complex. These people suffer from this for life. So, I decided to write my laws of life on this topic , maybe it will help someone gain confidence.

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Panic attacks and cerebral palsy.

105510721085108010821072_120People with cerebral palsy sometimes have panic attacks. This can occur for various reasons. What is a panic attack? Why did they occur with people with disabilities? What to do during a panic attack? Is it possible to get rid of panic attacks?

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8 types of people to avoid.

personalities-262x300_120People with disabilities often become dependent on the personalities and bring harm to themselves. Loneliness and gullibility of people do sicker and depressed. I can confirm from my experience that from communicating with certain people I'm getting sick, and my life would turn upside down. As soon as I moved away from them all mended into place and I quickly recovered. These are the types of personalities that are bad for the health of people with disabilities.

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The ability to communicate with people, the road to friends.

22920.jpg.700_120Watching yourself and people with disabilities, I saw that we have a problem in communicating with other people. Only because normal people seeing our patient response, are afraid to talk to us. I have my own rules that I use when communicating people. Maybe these rules will bring someone good. I will be very glad.

Shit people say to people with disabilities

How did this video make you feel? Did we get it right? What quotes did we miss? We look forward to your comments!

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People are like Seagulls.

dsc_2542crlandscapevg_resize_800The majority of people live within the laws of society and don’t go beyond what society expects and is acceptable. A person is expected to live in society, obey all laws and follow the rules of society.  Every man or woman has their ways of living within their society because of their dreams, goals and aspirations.  These ways may be different from other people because every person is an individual.  Mr. Bach in Jonathan Livingston Seagull writes about Jonathan’s struggle to be an individual in the seagull society and his need to be free and even better than the other seagulls.  Jonathan’s is the same one that struggle many people have to be an individual and still fit into society.

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How does stop depression in the spring?

depressija_120At the eve of the spring, many people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities feel lack of energy, worsening of mood, and aggravation of chronic diseases. One of the explanations of such a condition doctors identify as a failure in the hormonal system.

Panic is the attack from stress.

Watching people, I arrived at the conclusion that the constant panic felt by people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities is the consequence of stress. A state of panic among the people can develop at any age. What could develop into a permanent state of panic? What is panic? What can cause this condition? How to avoid panic?

Stress as a consequence of fear.

People with cerebral palsy and other disabilities experience stress during all their lives. As a consequence of stress, these people become withdrawn and this results in other diseases and bad consequences. What happens after the stress with these people and how to avoid stress in the future?

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Illusions - For Whom the Bell Tolls.

Many people with physical or other disabilities believe that all their misfortunes come from the higher power. They think that they’ll recover from their condition and be cured if they pray and believe in this power, without putting any other effort to it. But the real problem of these people begins when they pray and believe and they are still sick or disabled. Faith can be a priceless help but sometimes people chose to hide in their illusions and reject the tough demands of the real world. They don’t realize that the cure and help is in their own hearts and minds and they need to work so hard to bring it out.

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Dating and disabled.

Not too long ago the topic about dating and disabled was considered a social taboo. If a disable people were dating or married they had to hide their relationship and keep to themselves as if it was inappropriate. But as our society becomes more and more open-minded this situation is rapidly changing for the best.

We are ordinary people, like everyone else.

Wherever I am, I face the same situations in my life. Anyway, the problem is not advertised officially. Usually healthy people are either afraid of people with disabilities and with cerebral palsy, or try to avoid such ones, and pretend they do not understand or do not want to understand. Why is this happening?

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The exclusion. How not to be marginalized.

Every person sometimes feels rejection. We reject someone or someone rejects us. Almost always people reject each other violently. I mean resentment, withdrawal, closeness to other ends.

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Fear and its implications. Compassion and fear of causing harm.

When a person is born, he is already surrounded by fear. The little man does not know this world and can not comprehend it completely. Time passes, the child begins to walk, talk and ask questions to which adults sometimes do not know the answers. The child begins to accept this world and his place in it. So what is fear?

The Intuition.

People with cerebral palsy or people with disabilities and delicate spirit have a well-developed intuition. These people feel other people and do not welcome anybody to their lives. They have a special understanding of life. If you have wronged them once, they will no longer trust you as before, if at all. Why is this so?

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Why do ordinary people become disabled and suicidal?

Watching the people who were normal, but for whatever reason have become disabled, I involuntarily began to analyze why people mutilate themselves and become suicidal. First of all, I want to say that this chapter was not written for people who have suffered from accidents or became disabled after an accident, but overcame the consequences and became physically full-fledged human beings. This chapter is for those who are consuming or consumed alcohol or are using or used drugs, and therefore have become disabled and want to commit suicide. This is a great and senseless stupidity. Let's analyze this problem.

Pity and compassion as different concepts in our lives.

I want to address such a slightly unpleasant topic as pity. People prefer not to talk on this subject. People think that pity or compassion is a part of love, or if someone feels pity, then he feels love. I have to communicate with many people with disabilities, and I watch such a problem as pity. Many people do not understand why they are alone or unhappy with their lives or their marriages, get depressed with all the consequences that depression entails, or suffer even more. Generally, many myths about love, knowledge and even about human development are based on the concept of pity. These myths have destroyed the fates of many generations, and knowledge of the fake moral laws help people manipulate other people which do not allow a man to move towards his goal. We do not understand that any pity is bad because it drives to death, both physical and spiritual. Why so? What distinguishes sympathy from pity? What a man feels when he is treated with pity? These questions I want to talk about in this article.

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Depression is now a popular disease. It is caused by the lack of communication, psychological problems, problems of the human body and stresses that we all experience from time to time.

To fall is normal. Do not be afraid of falling.

When a baby learns to walk, he starts to crawl, then begins to walk, occasionally dropping to his knees. A child drops until he begins to feel confident and stand firmly on his feet. When a child falls, he feels the pain, he still gets to his feet, trying to move on, despite all difficulties and failures.


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