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Why should people with cerebral palsy develop their hands?

hands__120It is never late to start developing hands of a child or an adult person with cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities. At any age, a person with any physical disabilities can develop hands as well as mental abilities. 

It is especially important for a child with cerebral palsy to start working on minor motor skills since early age. Even an infant with cerebral palsy or other physical limitations could get massage of fingers (finger gymnastics), which triggers active points connected with cerebral cortex. When the child is in early preschool age, it is necessary to perform simple exercises, along with poems, and remember to develop basics of self- care: button andunbutton, tie laces, etc.     

When a child is in late preschool age, the work on development of minor motor skills and coordination of the movement of the hand should become an important part of school preparation, to writing in particularly. Read more about the approaches of preparation of a hand of a preschooler to writing in the part “Strategies of development. Writing.” Only writing, development of the sensitivity of fingers and playing musical instruments develops mental abilities, logical thinking and plasticity of mind.

To my greatest regret, there is an opinion that people with cerebral palsy can not play musical instruments because of upset coordination. I watched many times children and adults with cerebral palsy play the piano beautifully. I proved it myself. I can play the fortepiano although my coordination is upset.

Why the development of fine motor function is so important for both children and adults? The case is that in human brain the centers regulating speech and finger movements are located close to each other. By stimulating fine motor functions and triggering the certain parts of the brain, we trigger the adjacent zones that are regulating speech.

The task of teachers, psychologists and other professionals working with people with cerebral palsy and other physical disabilities is to explain the parents and disabled people the importance of games for development of fine motor functions. Parents should understand that to get the child interested and help him to master new information they should turn the learning into a game, not to give up if tasks seem to be difficult and not to forget to praise the child. To an adult, the game might help to learn how to take care of himself, in work and in other aspects of life. I submit to your attention games that help development of fine motor skills that might be played in a kindergarten, at home and in other places.

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Origami: hand's motor skills activate brain and develop logical thinking

Physiological bases of activation of brain processes. All movements of living creatures, animals and humans are based on reflexes. If a child stretches his hand to fire and get burned, a defence reflex has worked. It is based on reflection arc of the nervous system. There are pain receptors on the surface of the skin.

Exerscises for development of fingers and hands.

Exercises for development of tactile sensitivity and complex coordinated movements of fingers and hands.

How to do Origami a Butterfly?



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