Overcoming Cerebral Palsy
Help for People with Disabilities

Health is good due to the morning exercise.

For people with cerebral palsy or people with disabilities, exercising and massage are the first and the best medicine. However, many give up physical exercises thinking that exercising does not work for them. That is wrong because they give up too early. In our situation, to be healthy requires hard work and perseverance.            

For ten years, from eight to eighteen, my teachers for gymnastics and speech therapy forced me to work over the body and speech as hard as a horse. My teacher scolded me for every wrong step or sound of speech. At that time I did not understand what they wanted from me. Healthy children were doing homework, walking and resting after school, but I spent all my free time in the gym or in the office of a speech therapist. Sometimes I was tired and lazy, but my teachers, realizing this, did not do me favors. And in the end, they got the results that they wished to receive.

Today, I would really like to have those people in here, because my form of cerebral palsy requires constant work, not only on the body and muscles, but also on the speech, too. I am grateful to these God-granted teachers for the time and energy they spent on me.

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For people with physical problems, the spine is often the most vulnerable part of the body. This is because the spine is the pillar of our entire organism. If we didn’t have the backbone, we could not walk or move. We'd just crawl like snakes.


Having tried many methods, I can safely say that the choice of methods, systems and equipment are entirely individual. In every case, we need a strategy and a system. There are a lot of good strategies.