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Devices help from pain very good.

ALMAGIA International® is the only representative of factory Yelatma Instrument Making Enterprise (ELAMED) FDA register products. All PEMF therapy devices on our digital shelves have ISO and CE approvals in Europe and have been safely and effectively used since 1998, without any complications. There are over 30,000 units being sold in Europe every month. Check out or online store today.

Talk - Start speaking freely (by Voice)

Đ¢his helps good speak for person with Cerebral Palsy and easy understand for everybody.

Wearable Robot

Wearable Robot is very good for people with disabilites who want to walk alone. 

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Lightwriter is very good for people with Cerebral Palsy and other disabilities. they use a Lightwriter as one of the ways their communicates. Getting a good mount is important for anyone with high tech communication equipment. This new mount is amazing it's helping these people to be even more independent.

Great wheelchair

Great wheelchair is for people with cerebral palsy and other people, who need this.

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