Overcoming Cerebral Palsy
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Yoga is good for people with disabilities.

lotos_409I personally heard a lot about yoga from different sources and read many books. I meant to try to do yoga for a long time. I was looking for confirmation that I need it, but I had questions. Why should I practice yoga? How can I get help from yoga classes? How does yoga help people with Cerebral palsy and other physical limitations? Who have other health problems. All of these questions are answered in this article.

First of all, I want to give a definition of Yoga as meaning and as a way of life.

Yoga is a concept in Indian culture,in the broadest sense means the combination of the various spiritual, mental and physical practices developed in different directions of Hinduism and Buddhism, and aimed at the management of mental and physiological functions of the body in order to help an individual to achieve exalted spiritual and mental state. In a narrower sense, yoga is one of the six orthodox schools of Hindu philosophy. The initial goal of yoga is to change the ontological status of a man in the world. The definition is taken from Wikipedia.

In other words, Yoga works on all levels of human mind and body and thus changes its state, emotions, health and quality of life in general.

I wanted to change my state of health and lifestyle. Besides cerebral palsy, I have got  other serious health problems. I began to feel that it is necessary to change all the habits from breathing to thinking, from my gait to the concept of life in general. I did not understand how to do it in a short time, but I began to look for a way out. Incidentally, I met people who practice yoga seriously and for many years. I began to ask questions and found answers from them.

I began to ask questions that interested me, and received clear answers to them. For example, how to breathe correctly? For people with cerebral palsy, it is one of the most important problems. For example, I breathe properly, so I got spasms and involuntary muscle contractions. The more spasms, the less coordination and the more slurred is speech. And the breathing affects my speech. If I breathe wrong, my speech turns fuzzy, and when I breathe properly it becomes more understandable to other people.


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Yoga and Feldenkrais

Yoga can be called the science of union. Union between our real Self and the ordinary mind/ body go to work, talk to friends, eat a meal self. Or perhaps the union between inner awareness and outer action. Or perhaps the union between earth and spirit.

Yoga with Feldenkrais

The classical yoga text, The Yoga Sutra, by Patanjali, explains that posture should be steady and comfortable, easeful and joyful, but also relaxed and alert at the same time: relaxed without dullness and alert without tension. How do we actually have this as our own experience in yoga, and in life?


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