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Speech therapy for Cerebral Palsy. Who helps us learn to speak first?

freespeech_490Many parents talk to their children properly. They do not understand that for a child with cerebral palsy source speaking, are the parents themselves especially. Why is this so? Why do parents or a good therapist is, first of all, the person or persons undertaking to form a base mind each person with cerebral palsy? What is Speech Therapy? And why the need to engage in speech especially with a child or a person who has cerebral palsy or physical disabilities? How should I say someone who has speech impediments? To these questions I will try to answer in this article.

When I was a little girl and spoke very poorly or not at all like. My parents and my grandmother talked to me very correctly and competently. They know I listen to and hear each letter and sound. In addition, they put children records, read books, told stories and funny stories. My father loved me laugh, and when he was at home, always telling me interesting and funny stories. He told me to develop a sense and understanding of speech and humor. Mom should, as I said, and correcting every sound and every wrong word I pronounced incorrectly. Until I got to the speech therapist and became involved in speech therapy.

Speech therapy - industry Defectology, the science of speech disorders, the methods of their prevention, diagnosis and elimination. Speech therapy is exploring the causes, mechanisms, symptoms, course, the structure of disturbances of speech activity, a system of corrective action. This is a definition from the dictionary.

In my life I had three speech therapist. They were world-class professionals, but the most important role played by my therapist, who was at school.Her name is Larisa P.  Through her perseverance, talent and knowledge of the business, I began to speak correctly, and I say now. She worked with me twenty years of my life for two hours each day. Until the last day before I went to live in the U.S.. She was able to put all the sounds that I could speak properly. Learning to talk, I learned to think and reflect on their thoughts. It gave me an excellent basis for the mind. She taught me to communicate with people without fear, and that I do not understand. All people, when they want, they listen and understand what I mean. You need only feel it. Do not open your mouth, if you know that people do not willing to listen to you. Because people are living in another world and they need to get out of that world and come into your world, even for one minute.

In the U.S., I met with the American method. I liked the approach, but I do not like the application of this approach. The solution - a free choice, and if you want, then you can have. But who, how many times a week, and for what money? If you want to have a specialist, then you can have it, but once a week, because the insurance no longer pays. A person from another country with the problem of speech is very difficult to learn the correct pronunciation of new language. It was, shall we say not only to speak correctly. You almost alone when no one who understood you and would help to learn the language correctly. Yes, then I got on the program. There I was given a computer that speaks for me. Thank you for this computer, who invented the computer, using it I finished two colleges.

But still, I wanted to and I want to speak for myself in English. It so happened I got to the beautiful teacher of English. Her name is Svetlana Vitman. It is rectified and corrected my every wrong sound, or the wrong word, teaching and learning grammar. She treats me as an ordinary and normal person. That's right!!
People who have limitations with speech, these people need to communicate especially. It is not easy to talk about anything or ask anything, but it's still a great workout, and overcoming a meeting on other people. They require more time to express their thoughts, not because they are bad or stupid does not, they just need more efforts to overcome the barrier of misunderstanding and arrogance. When you are dealing with a man, talk to him on an equal footing and with patience. Do not be afraid of him to ask again, if you do not understand something of the Above. It is better to ask again, what to pretend that you understand everything he said above. And that you will be rewarded in the future.

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Logopedia and Facial Warm-up.


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