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The letter to sponsors

Dear Friend,email_signature_2013_911_01

This letter is to introduce you to a non-profit organization called Para Arts Foundation, Inc. Our purpose is to improve lives of disabled people with artistic inclinations by providing them with various venues of expressing their talents while addressing their special needs.

Our organization is planning to fulfill our aspirations by accomplishing several goals:

- Support artists with disabilities by promoting creative and visual arts events.

- Help disabled persons to enhance their artistic potentials by providing them with individualized education.

- Raise funds to launch several brands of various products to provide apparel for physically challenged individuals with sensitive skin and other special needs as well as accommodative cosmetics, nutritional products, household items, cutlery, etc.

Para Arts Foundation is aimed at encouraging people with disabilities to express themselves through multiple forms of arts such as literature (poetry and prose), painting, comedy, music, fashion, dance, video and photography.

The need to establish such an organization was brought by my own disability: I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy soon after birth. I have spent my whole life attempting to overcome its effects. I believe that the best coach to an individual with a disability is another person who can relate to a similar experience.

We are looking for both: private donations as well as companies, interested in collaboration, in order to accomplish our goals and proceed with our plans. Here is a quick list of projects we are hoping to be involved with during the current year:
• “No Barriers” Film Festival, which focuses on short screenings, videos, photo exhibitions and music, created by disabled artists, dedicated to their lives and problems. We are hoping to hold it annually in New York City.
• “Through the World” Art Project is an international art exhibition made possible by disabled people from different countries and will be shown in various cities all over the world.
• “Bloom a Joy” is a fashion brand which will provide stylish and functional apparel for the physically impaired people.

This is just a quick inside look at our plans and goals. We have recently achieved the tax exempt status, so any assistance would not only be much appreciated, but also beneficial to any potential sponsor.

Your personal as well as your company’s involvement can truly make a difference in a real human being’s life. If you are unable to lend us a helping hand yourself, we would still like to ask for your assistance in finding someone within your circle, who may be interested in helping us as well as having their name blessed and mentioned at our foundation’s events.

I will be more than glad to personally meet with you, your partners, friends or your company’s employees to discuss details or answer any questions. All donations will be acknowledged in accordance with your preferences on our website and in our publications.

Truly yours,
Viktoriya Gorelik
Founder – Director of ParaArtsFoundation


E-mail: [email protected]

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Annual Charity Concert

We are inviting you to the annual concert to support our fund, Para Arts Foundation, Inc., dedicated to help people with physical disabilities. If you would like to contribute by your presence, participation or a donation, we will be glad and very grateful.

Charity concert will take place at Velvet Rope Lounge, 3212 Coney Island Avenue, on Thursday, October 20, 7 p.m.

Attention dear friends! Para Arts Foundation is seeking talented people with disabilities.

 Para Arts Foundation is seeking talented people with disabilities, who sing, dance, play musical instruments do arts and other kinds of creative activities.



Looking for volunteers


Looking for volunteers to fund several unique programs and help for the   Para Arts Foundation

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Art show- the sale.

Dear artists with any disabilities, who would like to participate in a show - the sale of your works and paintings, you will be able to express yourselves,

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On December 3,2014, in Monaco Club, Brooklyn . NY, we are performing a 4- hour concert dedicated to the International Day of Disabled Persons to support fund the Para Atrs Foundation.

The book" They overcome"

Guys with any disabilities, who wants publish your poems, art pictures and short stories in one book? This is FREE. Welcome! Thank you.

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Charity Marathon

email_signature_2013_120Charity Marathon on January 12, 2014, to 6 PM. This will be in the Club Monaco, Brooklyn, NY. Support for talented people with physical limitations and  establishment of a fund for the arts of people with physical limitations Para Arts Foundation, INC.

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