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My name is Svetlana Vintman.

Books My name is Svetlana Vintman, I am a lecturer at Russian University Without Walls at DOROT. I have been working as an ESL/TESOL teacher/tutor for 21 years, I prepare students for TOEFL-test, SAT, SAT II, ACT, Specialized High School Admission Test, PSAT, GMAT and a number of others.

I teach English one-on-one or via Skype: I send my students teaching materials by mail or E-mail, at scheduled time we turn on the computers, essays and test papers are e-mailed. Why not use the means of communication?

Besides, I wrote a book, “Memoirs of a Wooden Desk. English Grammar for Beginners.” It is a compact simplified grammar review for people with memory and learning problems. It contains real-life examples, essential for everyday life. The next book will be “Memoirs of a Frail Chair. Advanced Grammar.”

I also make English-Russian translations and vice versa for web masters. I make both erudite translations and editing. Besides, I help college students do their homework, midterms and finals. And I am running a column LEARNING ENGLISH in the site of my former student: "Overcoming Cerebral Palsy."

I really enjoy what I am doing and strongly believe my students enjoy their classes. You can find me online or to talk about classes, or to buy the book. Contact me.

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English Classes are for free.

For people with physical limitations are free English classes.

Alphabet Song in English

We can sing the English alphabet. It is easy for us.

These verbs and participles are followed by the preposition

These verbs and participles are followed by the preposition. 149 verbs and participles:

The following verbs are used WITHOUT prepositions

The following verbs are used WITHOUT prepositions

Preposition Combinations

Preposition Combinations:

How to write an SAT Essay

You are given 25 minutes to write an opinion essay which will be graded by two readers. Each reader spends 2 to 10 minutes on your essay, so the scoring is done pretty fast. It is a holistic or overall scoring.  That means that you have very limited time to impress your reader. Here are some advice how to make it quick and dirty.

Conditional Clauses and WISH Patterns.

1. True situation, Present Tense. 2. Contrary-to-fact situation, Present Tense. 3. Contrary-to-fact situation, Past Tense. 4. Wish Pattern for the Present Time. 5. Wish Pattern for the Past. 6. Wish Pattern for the Future. 7. Patterns as if/as though.

Desert and Dessert

Desert (verb, the second syllable is stressed) means to forsake or abandon; to leave without permission; to fail when needed. Dessert (noun, the second syllable is stressed) is a sweet course served at the end of a meal.

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Complement, Compliment, Comprise, Compose

Complement vs. Compliment. Comprise vs. Compose.

Breath and Breathe, Cache and Cash

Breath and Breathe, Cache and Cash.

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Bad. Badly. Borrow. Lend

Bad and Badly. Borrow and Lend.

Allusion, illusion, awhite, a white.

Allusion (noun) means an indirect reference, hint. Illusion (noun) is a false idea or conception. Awhile (adverb) means for a while; for a short time.

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All Intensive Purposes. All Intents and Purposes. A Lot. Allot.

All Intensive Purposes. All Intents and Purposes. A Lot. Allot.



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Their, there, they're. Try and. Uninterested / Disinterested.

Their, there, they’re. Try and. Uninterested / Disinterested.

The reason is because.

The reason is because. Same.

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Prostate / Prostrate; Raise / Rrise; Real.

Prostate / Prostrate; Raise / Rrise; Real. 

Loose; me and...; principal / principle.

Loose-loosed-loosed is a transitive verb and means set free or let fly/walk. As an adjective, loose means inexact, free or not firmly fastened. Lose (lost, lost) is opposite to “win.” Lose also means to misplace, cease having or fail to gain.

Learn, teach, leave, let, less, liable to, likely to.

Learn / teach; leave / let. Less. Liable to / Likely to.

Last / Letter.

Last / Letter. Use last when you are talking about series of at least three items, but use latter when you are talking about series of two. See former for more examples.


Irregardless.This word does not exist. Use regardless instead.

We will support your case regardless circumstances.

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Imply / infer

Imply means to tell something indirectly, hint, suggest without coming right out. Infer means to draw a conclusion or form an opinion on the basis of reasoning or evidence.

Had of / had have

Had of/ had have – both nonstandard. The right expression is have had or had had.

Farther / Further

 Farther / Further. Use Farther when you are talking about the distance, but use Further when you discuss quantities.

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Conscious or conscience?

Conscious or conscience? The first word is an adjective, means alert, aware, awake; also means deliberate, intentional, premeditated.

But what is substandard

But what is substandard. Use that instead.

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