Overcoming Cerebral Palsy
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We help people with CP and other disabilities

We help people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. We know about each of these people. These people need any help really. Let us do good together.

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Big yard sale

Big yard sale  5/5/2013 Sunday till 7pm and Monday 5/6 10am till 5pm
things so LOW, jeans for a dollar, pants for a dollar, most clothes 50 cents.
So many items, all kinds of items.

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A full progress report

Many thanks to all the people who responded to our call for help from a girl from Russia. We are giving a full progress report after a publication of the article asking for help.

A book of life of a young Siberian

The character of my story is Katya Alyshova of fourteen who is a student of the 7th grade of High School. Her home-school book is filled with fours and fives, the highest grades in Russia.


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