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The more a person studies, the more advanced and talented he becomes.

It is believed that people with cerebral palsy are not able to study and get education. When they go to colleges, most people ask if it makes sense for the sick people to study. What does science say about this in general? How many people with cerebral palsy became talented thanks to their craving for studying, managed to find their vocation in this complicated world and went down in history?
Scientists state that if a person trains his brain wishing to get education or develop his talents and potential, he extends his life and youth. New knowledge brings a person stimuli and desire to study something new and develop himself and his talents. This adds spiritual strength and powerful charisma for other people.   
Everybody had certain skills and sicknesses. People usually become known because they use their skills in the area which they have already developed best. That is why people recognize the value of overcoming difficulties on the way to success. When somebody overcomes difficulties to fulfill oneself, he inspires others to do the same. Many people diagnosed with cerebral palsy became famous because they were focused on what they are able to do instead of what they are unable.
People diagnosed with cerebral palsy made great contribution into development of the society. Writers, scientists, actors and athletes overcame cerebral palsy and became famous. Even if they are considered disabled, their skills and talents made them famous while nobody cares about their physical disabilities. Just the opposite, they got the chance to become successful role models for other people.

A Famous Writer with Cerebral Palsy

Christy Brown  - Christy wrote an international bestseller about his experiences growing up with cerebral palsy. He began with an autobiography called "My Left Foot," and later expanded it into a novel called "Down All The Days." Christy was born in 1932 in Dublin Ireland and had 12 brothers and sisters. His dad was a bricklayer and his family was very poor. When he was a child, the family doctor told his parents he was mentally disabled and that he would grow up to be retarded. Christy's mother knew her son was intelligent, no matter what the doctors said. Christy's cerebral palsy symptoms made it hard for him to control his speech or movement, except for his left foot. When Christy started using his left foot to hold chalk and make marks on a chalkboard his Mother became convinced he could be taught to read and write. Christy's Mother taught him the alphabet and he eventually became a great writer and poet. Even though Christy had cerebral palsy, he didn't let his it stop him from improving his abilities and to fulfill his potential as a writer.

Other famous writers with cerebral palsy:

poet_writes_feet__120Jhamak Ghimire - A poet and writer from Nepal who has won many awards for her writing of literature. She was born with cerebral palsy and overcame many challenges to teach herself to read and write.

A Famous Actor and Comedienne with Cerebral Palsy

geri_jewell__120Geri Jewell - Geri only weighed 3 pounds when she was born. She was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when she was 1 year old. As Geri got older, she used humor to help others understand her disabilities and learn to treat her as they would any other person. Geri became a comedienne and worked in comedy clubs all over the country. While Geri was in Los Angeles, she became the first person with a disability to win a regular role in a TV show. Her role was on a hit TV series called "The Facts of Life." She played a family member with cerebral palsy. With her funny performances she delighted audiences and taught many people about the disorder. Geri now is a famous motivational speaker. She travels the country and talks about helping people overcome challenges.

Famous comedians with cerebral palsy:

comic2_120Chris Fonseca - Chris does his comedy routine all over the United States and writes comedy material for famous comedians like Roseanne Arnold, Jerry Seinfeld and Jay Leno.


A Famous Statesman with Cerebral Palsy

stephen_hopkins_151Stephen Hopkins - Signed the Declaration of Independence and then led militias in defense of the United States against the British. He suffered from what is believed to be a mild case of cerebral palsy. History famously records that when he signed the Declaration he said, "My hand may shake but my heart does not." He was a respected member of Congress and helped form America into the country it is today.

Other Famous People with Cerebral Palsy

Thomas Ritter - A director on the board of the United Cerebral Palsy Association, a group his father, Tex Ritter, helped found. His brother was actor John Ritter.

A director on the board of the United Cerebral Palsy Association, a group his father  - A motivational speaker with cerebral palsy. He is the only person to jog across America on crutches. He has spoken to over a million people about overcoming challenges and life struggles.

Chris Nolan - An Irish poet who was born breech and was deprived of oxygen for two hours. His resulting cerebral palsy made him unable to speak and or move voluntarily. His famous writings include books and poems.

Here are some examples of people with cerebral palsy who overcame the physical problems. Each of them has been able to inspire others and value their skills and human potential.            

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Hand in Hand.

In 1996 a promising 19 years old professional ballerina Ma Li lost her right arm in a car accident. Her life would never be the same, her boy friend couldn’t handle what was going on and he walked away from her. She tried to kill herself only to be saved by her parents. Then Ma Li found the strength to live.

Ruben Gallego

ruben_gollego_120Rubén David González Gallego (born 1968) was born in Moscow, Russia, with severe cerebral palsy.

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Aimee Mullins

aimee_mullins_hairstyles_actress_celebrity_fashion_4_120Aimee Mullins (born 1976 in Allentown, Pennsylvania) is an American athlete, actress, and fashion model best known for her collegiate-level athletic accomplishments, despite a medical condition that resulted in the amputation of both of her legs.

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Famous people with disabilities

Famous people with disabilities.

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Life Without Limits.

Nicholas James Vujicic was born December 4, 1982 is a preacher and motivational speaker who was born without arms or legs due to a rare disorder known as Tetra-amelia. He struggled throughout his childhood to come to terms with his disability, and at seventeen started his own non-profit organization “Life Without Limbs”.

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One woman with cerebral palsy gives a hope for many people.

I would like to share a story about an old friend of mine. She was born in 1942 in Russia, in the family of school teachers. At the age of 5 she was diagnosed with polio and was left paralyzed from waist down. It devastated her parents, who were forced to see their little girl bound to the wheelchair to the rest of her life. And imagine the nightmare that 5-year old child had to go through… At the age when all kids do is play outdoors and run around she couldn’t even leave the house because since her parents had to work, there was no one to help her.

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