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The Feldenkrais Method for “Silent Sports”

I doubt if I’m alone in my frustration as I read about involved, time consuming training programs on how to succeed in citizen ski racing, ultramarathon, bicycling, paddling, sailboat racing, etc. For those of us who are passionate about a different recreational pursuit for each season, those time, money and energy consuming approaches leave us wondering how we can hope to improve in anything when we love it all!

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Exercises for back

These exercises are good for back and for our body. These exrcises is from Yoga.  

Exersisies for back.

These exersisies are good for back.

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Save the spine.

For people with physical problems, the spine is often the most vulnerable part of the body. This is because the spine is the pillar of our entire organism. If we didn’t have the backbone, we could not walk or move. We'd just crawl like snakes.

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What exercises and what work out are the best suited for people with disabilities?

Having tried many methods, I can safely say that the choice of methods, systems and equipment are entirely individual. In every case, we need a strategy and a system. There are a lot of good strategies.

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