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What kind of clothes should people with disabilities wear?

108610761077107810761072_230_01Clothes for people with disabilities should be made of natural and light cloth. Any piece of clothes should be comfortable because each kind of disability needs each own clothing and shoes. Similarly, each age has its own fashion. Why?

People have different tastes. Regardless height, weight, or color of eyes, each person of the world wants to wear comfortable clothes for every time of the day. For example, why do people like to wear pants, sleeve shirts, blouses, jeans, T-shirts, long sweaters and sports shoes? Because these clothes are cosy and comfortable to use. These clothes are good for all ages.

Young people have their fashion, and old people have their fashion. It is impossible to dress a young person as if he is an old person. Clothes for people with disabilities should be fashionable and bright. These clothes should be made of natural fabrics because people with disabilities sometimes sweat more than healthy people.

For people with cerebral palsy or other disabilities, clothes and shoes are important attributes of full-fledged life. For example, a person with ailing hands experiences difficulty buttoning and unbuttoning small buttons while all men’s shirts and women’s blouses have small buttons. A disabled person wastes time, energy and patience buttoning up these buttons. If instead of small buttons there are zippers, snap or Velcro fasteners, a disabled person’s life will be easier and he will be able to help himself without anybody’s help. The most important feature of the clothes is to make it easy for the disabled person to put them on and take them off.

For people who are bedridden, the clothes should be different. Why? These people depend on parents, relatives and caretakers. Now imagine how difficult it is for these people to dress disabled people. Not only it is difficult to raise the adult, but also it is necessary to get them dressed. It is necessary to raise and turn the sick person who is ready to help, but is unable. For those people, clothes should have Velcro fasteners or snap fasteners on the sides, and zippers on the pants. The caregivers will have no difficulty using such clothes. First, it will be necessary to turn or raise the sick person only once or twice. It will not harm the health of the caregiver. Second, the sick person will not feel uneasiness before the caregiver. 

People who use prostheses need firm shoes. They use them in any weather, but unfortunately they have prostheses, not feet. That is why they need sneakers or shoes or boots. By no means they have soft shoes. Soft shoes ruin prostheses and get worn quickly.

Pretty and well-chosen clothes mean good mood and self-confidence. For the person with disability, pretty and light clothes are not only good mood but also prevention of depression. If the person feels himself comfortable and protected in the clothes, his mood will be elevated. Good mood is the best prophylactics of depression. For a person with cerebral palsy or another disability, good mood is worth a lot.

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Clothing for people with CP and other disabilities.

Clothing for people with CP and other disabilities.

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