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Lesson 5. Iris Scott

Iris Scott opened new style in art. She developed a unique, stylistic fingerpainting process - wearing surgical gloves and placing the oil paint directly on her fingers. The result is a sophisticated and vibrant post-impressionistic style that echoes the masters of old. Her unique composition and style has attracted collectors from around the globe.


Lesson 4. Spray paint art

This is easy for people with disabilities. Beginner Galaxy spray painting art. this is good idea for people with disabilities.

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Lesson 3. Spray Art.

The spay painting is very dificult but this is good exercises for hands fingers for people with disabilities. The results are beautiful. Step by step. Good luck.  

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Lesson 2. Finger Painting

Finger painting is very good for people with disabilities. Look this.

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Lesson 1

Lesson 1. How to draw orange bird. 


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