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Meditation and Painting are Connected.

vika-2_120We don’t even suspect that having seen a picture during a meditation, we can then transfer the picture onto paper in real life and solve a problem or get an answer to a question. For people with cerebral palsy or other physical limitations, it is necessary to relax, memorize what you have seen during meditation and transfer it to paper. Why?

 What does Meditation mean? Meditation (derived from Latin meditation- contemplation) is a type of exercise on concentration which is used for therapeutic purposes, for control over thinking and emotions and for entering into a specific spiritual condition called mindfulness.

Since ancient times, meditation is a part of spiritual practice in many religious traditions, especially in Buddhism and Hinduism and is a significant part of yoga. It is a definition from Wikipedia.

In other words, meditation is a condition of deep and full relaxation. With the help of this relaxation, a person can discern and solve many problems. Meditation and relaxation as such have a positive influence at people with any physical limitations. The only constraints to meditation are mental abnormalities. For people with any kind of those, there are limitations.

How does meditation influence painting? During full relaxation, a person can see a picture. Then, he can memorize and draw the picture. Such artistic style unites all styles because the picture comes up spontaneously during meditation. I am sure that all great artists used meditation at least once in a lifetime. As a result, they get the pictures that have world recognition.

I want to show one more feature of this artistic method. When we draw a picture, our memory and logical thinking are developing. During the drawing, we recall all the parts of the drawing. When we are thinking over how to draw what we have seen during the meditation, we turn on our logical thinking and creativity. The creativity gives us the way todevelop good taste for everything.

For people with physical limitations, it is very important to develop logical thinking, fantasy and perfect taste. Drawing gives all this to these people, and for people with cerebral palsy, besides logic and good taste, it gives development of motor and precise of movements. It is very important for people with cerebral palsy.

For me, drawing and painting have been something beyond my reach and too difficult. When I was a kid, I used to paint coloring books and compose colors. Although I have always painted in my head, I couldn’t convey these pictures. I started at the age of 39. I met a painting teacher accidentally. I started studying art and painting. I started to paint pictures myself.

In a year, I met another teacher who employed meditation before painting. I have seen how meditation influences painting. I painted a solution to a problem that I had had before that time.

Results of the Meditation:  
During meditation, I saw the sun with all colors of the rainbow. For instance, there was a canary yellow ball in the center, and it was surrounded by multicolored and very bright and light circles: red, green, golden, blue,  green-blue, golden-brown.  All colors mingled with each other. I understood that it is a process and life experience. All what is happening, is only temporary and meant to supply practical experience. Thus, I learnt from my own experience that painting and meditation interfere with each other.


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