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If we do not think about the future now, it might be too late tomorrow.

Abuse Have you ever asked yourself what happens to people with cerebral palsy (CP) after their caretakers (parents, guardians or just friends) pass away? We are not immortal and nothing lasts forever, so sooner or later we all have to deal with a loss of a loved one. But for people with CP this means much more than just grieving and remembering. Their whole life is about to change.

USA is a great country of equal opportunities, and it means a lot to people like me, who are able to do what they love and to be potent members of society. But it doesn’t stop nursing homes and health care agencies to benefit from our disabilities.

The American Constitution clearly states that any American citizen, regardless of skin color, IQ or religious beliefs, has a right to live wherever he prefers. But in many cases people with cerebral palsy or other physical disabilities are forced to live in nursing homes while many people with mental illnesses can be left on their own among others.

In many cases, people with cerebral palsy or other disabilities get into nursing homes for the same reasons elderly people do - they can’t take proper care of themselves. And even though they are eligible for medical assistance, home care and subsidized housing, most of them still end up in nursing homes simply because Section 8 provides housing mostly in the areas where even Superman would be afraid to walk alone.

A monthly SSI allowance per person in NY State is $781 while costs of the apartment in decent area can easily double that amount. Don’t forget that most people with CP can’t work at all and those who can have trouble finding jobs. Even with help from employment agencies the chances of finding jobs for disabled are close to none.

There is no denying that people with severe forms of CP that affects their brain and physical abilities should live in nursing homes, because they need constant supervision. But those with mild forms of CP, whose mental abilities weren’t affected, should have a right to chose if they want to go to medical institution or be left on their own.  They have a right to receive governmental aid, subsidized housing and help finding jobs. According to US laws they are entitled to the same privileges as all other people. But unfortunately those laws are often disregarded by those whose responsibility is to help disabled.

What’s really happening behind closed doors of nursing homes?
After person is declared disabled it becomes almost impossible for him to get a place to live. He literally has to beat the housing system supported by majority of landlords and bureaucratic agencies that clearly discriminates against people with disabilities. For example, no one is going to listen to a person who has any kind of speech impediment. The only choice this person is offered is a nursing home.

And what happens once he gets their? His governmental aid and SSI are often goes to people who don’t deserve it, he loses all of his right because he is considered “ill” and needs “treatment”. That lets nursing homes charge the insurance companies for medicines and treatments that are not necessary at all.  Their only purpose is to slow down brain functions and turn a healthy person into a vegetable. As a result, after this treatment people often die, but no one cares. It’s much easier not to notice, especially with disabled, whose civil rights are being severely violated as well as American Laws.

I personally knew someone with CP who was forced into nursing home after his parents passed away. He was very intelligent, smart and knew several languages. Once he got admitted into the medical institution he was prescribed anti-depressants and sedatives and when I got to visit him couple of years later he was barely recognizable – slow reactions, slurred speech, poor understanding. Soon after he died.

America is a very special society where everyone has equal rights and it shouldn’t be any different for people with physical disabilities. And because it’s so hard for us to do it on our own, we ask everyone for their help. Remember, we are people just like you!

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Infringement of human rights or why should we lie?

Recently, my family and I moved into a new apartment. im-just-a-bill_120_01Because I live with my parents, we decided that all payments for gas, electricity, Internet, TV and phone, would be drawn from me, so that I would have credit history for the future. My mom called the gas company, and, to our surprise, it was not so easy.

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Social workers caught on camera beating and torturing disabled people in care

This problem is very big and tereble for people with disabilities. We need help.  

Why the change in health insurance Medicaid is a great lunacy?

 asklepios.3_239Medical reform in the U.S. is a big problem for people with cerebral palsy and other disabilities. Most of these people are against this reform. Why? What is Medicaid? Does Medicaid cover all the medical needs of people with special problems or not? Why in the future Medicaid and most social programs will cease from functioning?

New law is for people with diabilities.

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos, and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced an agreement on legislation that will establish the strongest standards and practices in the nation for protecting people with special needs and disabilities.

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The superiority.

superiority__500It is not common to talk on this subject, but the question I want to raise is a very serious and interesting one. I want to talk about the superiority between individuals and society as a whole. Why do people dominate one over the other? Why this topic is tabooed? What is superiority - pride, vanity, ignorance or misunderstanding?

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